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When it comes to machining there is not much that H & S Machine can’t produce. We can provide multi axis milling and turning services. We have expertise and experience, in ferrous and non ferrous materials, small and large production runs and engineering. We will provide you with over 20 years of combined experience providing accurate and fast service. We will deliver on time according to your specifications and business needs.

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H&S Machine Owners

We can produce almost anything, we have all the support equipment needed to make whatever you need. Welding, laboratory deburring, and anything else that would be needed to make a complete finished product.

We have a lot of experience working in metals, ferrous, non-ferrous metals, plastic, and we manufacture just about anything you need.

Our Clients

Coaches Club Cannons

Black Powder Cannons

Shooting black powder cannons is becoming one of America’s fastest growing recreational activities.  Coaches Club is committed to being the leader in this exciting sport.

    Industrial Injection

    Diesel Performance

    Industrial Injection specialize in Diesel Turbos, Diesel fuel injection pumps, Diesel fuel injectors, and diesel engines. Call us anytime for help with your diesel truck. We are the leaders in diesel performance. We are the best place to buy diesel parts. We always Deliver Diesel Performance!

    Mission Workshop

    Gear that Out-Performs

    The Mission is where we design, develop, and work in San Francisco. Our workshop was created out of the need for gear that out-performs, while maintaining a clean aesthetic appropriate for cycling, travel, and the daily routine.

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